Hvad siger forskning om effekten af hesteassisteret lederudvikling?

I "International Journal of Organizational Leadership" No 10, 2021, konkluderer Elif Bilginogly i sin artikel om forskningen i "Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning on Leadership Develpment":

"Based on our extensive work and research in this field, the present paper shows that horses provide a strong metaphor for human leadership. Thus, by mindfully relating to a horse, leadership skills can be developed. Equine-assisted leadership development programs constitute a unique, eye-opening, and profound leadership learning and development experience."

Og endvidere:

"As Hagen (2007) claimed, very few leadership development programs can compete with this one for hands-on, experiential learning, and flat-out-fun. The findings are also consistent with the claims of Felton (2012, p. 200) that they constitute an innovative way to bring a different perspective to leadership development programs while they are really effective and the return on investment is significant as personal breakthroughs can be achieved in minutes compares to months of traditional coaching." 

I en artikel fra Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, skriver Ampie De Beer - med afsæt i Kolbs Læringscirkel - om hesteassisteret lederudvikling:

“The learning space that was created through this facilitated experience enabled participants to be guided through the learning cycle in a manner that allowed for immediate feedback from actions and time to reflect.

The stages of metaphor that coincide with the learning cycle clearly allowed participants to see the relationship of working with horses to working with people and gave them additional insight into their own behaviour, which led to a journey of self-discovery and deeper learning.”